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THE hydract PROCESs valve

Welcome to HYDRACT!

We offer a wide range of high-quality hygienic process valves that are specially designed for the beverage, dairy, and liquid processing industries.

Our product line includes single seat valves, double seat mixproof valves, divert valves, and our unique mixproof regulating valve, all of which offer superior performance, precision, and reliability.

Our valves are engineered to meet the highest standards of hygiene and sustainability, ensuring that your production processes remain clean and efficient.

They are also fully digital and equipped with advanced control systems that allow for precise and easy operation.

Our valves are ideal for a variety of applications across different segments, including breweries, soft drink and juice production, dairy processing, and other liquid processing operations.

The Hydract single seat valve housing is designed in corporation with hygienic design specialists to offer a great hygienic and cleanable valve houses for the industry.

The design of the valve house creates optimal conditions in terms of cleanability and flow. It is designed to deliver high performance every time, every day! The valve houses are clamped together with the hydraulic actuator to ensure fast and easy assembly of the total valve system.

The flow direction is bi-directional, meaning that the flow can be both upstream and downstream using the same valve.

Seat Calibration and lifetime – The upper seat seal compression can be adjusted by connecting the actuator to a tablet (Hydract app). This ensures the seal can be adjusted during it's lifetime and ensure the correct expansion when exposed to heat which aids in increasing lifetime of the seal.

Flow conditions – The reduced pressure drops inherent with this design, when compared to typical ON/OFF valves, is used to gain more control over the same stroke, thus giving more stability.  Please contact Hydract for other designs.

Our expert team has years of experience working with these industries and can provide customized solutions to fit your specific needs.We take pride in delivering high-quality products that exceed our customers' expectations.

Browse our catalogue today to find the perfect hygienic process valve for your business needs.