The HYDRACT Process valve can control even large liquid flows under varying conditions with very high precision and reliability, because it uses hydrualics for operating the valve.  By using inline measuring equipment by use of e.g., flow meters, pressure sensors, laser refractometer technology (BRIX measurement and controlling), and dedicated calculation software, the valve can accurately reposition of 0,03 mm for every 0,5 second. This ensures a high homogeneity of the finished product, the data, and the precise and reliable control of liquid flow, and the fast regulation make it possible to mix liquids homogeneously in a continuous process. The process is called in-line mixing and is useful for many purposes and in several industries.
Hydract proces valve installed horizontally inside beer production. The hydraulic actuator is retrofitted to an old valve house os another manufacturer.


By brewing and storing a few types of strong base beer HGB (High Gravity Beer) which is mixed and diluted with water in a continuous process between the storage tanks and the bottling line, the brewery can produce any type of beer On-Demand and Just-In-Time. By brewing and storing only a few types of High Gravity Beer ready for mixing and dilution with water, it is possible to brew full batches, which can be up to 50% bigger than average size brews. Diluting the High Gravity Beer with water whereby 1,0 liter of strong beer becomes 1,5 liters to 1,65 liter of normal beer after de-brewing with water. This means that the output from a normal brewery working with traditional brewing methods can increase by up to 100%. Furthermore, the reduced number of brewing processes will significantly reduce the volume of product waste, wastewater, and the use of chemicals for cleaning.

soft drink

Soft drinks are for the most part made by mixing syrup, flavors, and water in several steps, requiring a significant mixing and storage capacity in addition to generating significant waste. With HYDRACT it is possible to mix syrup, flavors, and water in a single continuous process on the way to the filling line with minimum waste and much more flexibility in the process.


In the dairy industry, the standardization of products is an important process. Today, the mixing of skimmed milk and cream to the right type of milk, or the dosing of protein, flavors, etc into a final product will be much more precise using the HYDRACT process valve and will ensure better utilization of the raw materials.


The accuracy of the Hydract process valve makes it possible to control the mixing of different fruit juices by control the flow of each component into the final product creating a much more homogenous product and better utilization of raw material.


All liquids that are mixed, whether that will be wine, ice cream, detergent, you name it, will benefit from a more precise mixing, late differentiation and no unintentional mixing of fluids.
Late product differentiation

is a critical strategic process that enables you to produce just-in-time and on-demand, cutting down your inventory and increasing your time to market. Contact us for more information about how we can make this happen to your plant.
water hammer avoidance

will have a positive effect on the Overall Equipment Effectiveness, further, it will significantly lower costly downtime, and you will have less product waste due to unintentional opening of valves.