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The patented hydraulic actuator technology is based on the fact that water and/or glycol solution is incompressible. The HYDRACT valve actuator ensures that valves are hydraulically locked and comes with unprecedented precision.

The process valve is fully digital and programmable, making it possible to customize the speed and seat position. Increase the functionality in your processes and get maximum operational flexibility and scalability in your production line, enabling late product differentiation, just in time, and on-demand production. Experience precision in-inline mixing with the HYDRACT valve.

We provide you with the expertise and valve technology you need to make your process more efficient, better utilization of equipment and raw materials, and a more consistent product quality. The strength of the system lies in applications that demand power, precision, and environmental compatibility. Long lifetime and safe operations are crucial in the process industry.
HYDRACT actuator top. Notice the full 360° LED lights and the carbon look. All valves are born digital and modulating.
Hydract Hydraulic actuator valve block. The hydraulic system works with either water or glycol.


The HYDRACT valve actuators are working with pressurized tap water or with a water/ glycol mix. The pressurized water is supplied by the HYDRACT powerpack, which supplies a 50 bar pressure in a closed leak-free system.

The HYDRACT Powerpack comes fully equipped with a hydrophor for balancing the power and alternatively a reverse osmosis system to keep the system clean. The HYDRACT valve actuator is a power monster - It closes with a force of up 12,500N –eliminating the risk of unintentionally mixing of fluids.

The HYDRACT valve actuator will by default open and close the valve slowly and ramp-up to full velocity to reduce the risk of creating pressure transients (water hammers). The HYDRACT process valve reduces the electrical power consumption by more than 99% for valve actuation. It only needs 2,2 kWh for running up to 7500 valves. System communication via a bus system, WIFI, and Bluetooth 4,0.

Hydract hydraulic process valves in a valve skid. All valves are control valves and more than 3 times better than pneumatic valves.


The HYDRACT valve actuator operates with digital positioning which makes it extremely precise.

Combining this with a valve piston that is hydraulically locked, the valve will not be affected by external factors.

As the actuator is locked in position, valve flutter does not occur and you will digitallly be able to read the piston position in your plant software.

The High precision reliability leads to a more homogenous product quality with digital quality monitoring.  

The HYDRACT valve actuator can fast and precise position to ± 0,05mm for both single, upper, and lower seat – with a regulating frequency of 0,5 seconds.

The precision comes with a tremendous force of up to 12,500N.

Hydract actuator for liquid processing. The ONLY regulating mixproof process valve in the world.


Being hydraulically locked in position means that there will be no unintentional mixing of fluids, and valve oscillation is not possible with the HYDRACT technology.

The valve piston will always be exactly where it is supposed to be.

The positioning sensors in the actuator are temperature compensated, making sure that we get a reliable and precise position – every time.

Recalibration of the seat position is a manual digital operation that takes less than 2 minutes. This ensures fast and safe maintenance.

Each actuator is going through a strict testing procedure.

The fully digital HYDRACT actuator for process valves. Being fully digital means that you will be able to have predictive maintenance for your valves.


The HYDRACT valve actuator is fully digital, giving you digital control of your valves and processes.

We make it possible to analyse data from the actuators, enabling faster, more flexible, and more efficient processes to produce higher-quality goods at reduced costs and much more precise forecasting.

With digitalization, you will be able to predict and react rather than estimating market demand. This will increase your efficiency and change your entire businessmodel. Monitor the regulation, position, and any thinkable data from the system, giving you full power of your quality control.

Monitor the sealing and the status of the valve is bringing predictive maintenance to your facilities, allowing you to maintain when you want and avoiding costly downtime. The actuator can be programmed to meet your need.


The hydract actuator is a patented technology, with strong patents in the USA, China, Japan, and EU.
We continually invest in research and development and secure intellectual property assets that align with our strategic goals.
improving sustainablity

Cut more than >99% electrical energy compared to pneumatic valve actuation. In an average beverage plant, this equals approximately 5-10% of the total electrical power consumption.


Find out how it all works.
The video opens in YouTube and has Danish and English subtitles.
CIP system with mixproof control valves. Hydraulic techology help avoiding pressure transients.

Test the HYDRACT precisioN!

Experience our precision, in the comfort of your own facility!

We have made a standalone test-rig that can precision inline-mix 3 liquids together and give you a quality report of the mixing based on BRIX, Co2, flow, and pressure measurements. It's fully equipped with a pump, hydraulic process valves, power pack, and measuring equipment.

With our test-rig you can be mixing syrup, concentrate, and water or mixing beer, juice, RTD, or just simply de-brewing beer.

The size is small (L 1200 x W 1300 x H 1400 mm) and comes on wheels and in a transport box. The idea of the test rig is to inline mix from your holding tanks to another tank, showing you just how precise the HYDRACT valve technology is and how you can benefit in your production.

If you want to see how you can benefit from our hydraulic process valves, get the test rig to your facility by contacting us using the below button.
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