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The hydract control valve

Welcome to the HYDRACT Gallery, where we showcase our hydraulic process valves in action. from single seat valves to mixproof regulating valves, our products are designed to revolutionize the food and beverage production and help our customers achieve greater control and efficiency.

Our gallery features a selection of images that highlight the precision and reliability of our valves in a variety of beverage production settings. You willl see our single seat valves in action, ensuring precise flow of liquids in mixing and blending processes. Our double seat mixproof valves provide a secure and efficient way to prevent cross-contamination during production, while our divert valves help to streamline the production process.

And then there are our double seat mixproof regulation valve, a true innovative in the food and beverage production. This valve provides unparalleled precision in inline mixing of liquids, making it possible to produce beverage just in time and on demand. This is especially useful for late product differentiation and revolutionizes the beverage industry, allowing for more efficient and sustainable production processes.

Our design creates optimal conditions in terms of cleanability and flow to ensure our valves deliver high performance every time.

Our double seat valve is bi-directional, meaning the flow can be both upstream and downstream. The valve internals seal off the two pipelines to avoid any unintentional mixing of fluids.

If seal leakage should occur, the leaking fluid will travel through the leakage chamber, creating a visible leak indication. We offer arange of seal materials including EPDM, HNBR, or FKM. Our reciprocating shaft seals use PTFE as the contact material to extend the lifetime of the seal.

The upper seat seal compression can be adjusted by connecting the actuator to a tablet using our Hydract app. This ensures the seal can be adjusted during its lifetime and ensure the correct expansion when exposed to heat, thereby increasing the lifetime of the seal.

Our valve's conical shape of the lower seat allows for optimal flow when opening, closing or using the valve for regulation. The reduced pressure drops inherent with this design, when compared to typical ON/OFF valves, provide more control over the same stroke, giving more stability, especially when used in regulation operation. The shape of the flow controlling surface can be engineered to meet the needs of the process, such as quick opening or equal percentage.

Our double seat valve is particularly well-suited for use in a variety of industries including breweries, soft drink and juice production, dairy, and other liquid processing applications.

The Hydract Divert valve is designed to give our customers optimal conditions in terms of cleanability and flow. It is designed to deliver high performance. Diverting flow from one inlet to one or more outlets in the beverage industry is an important aspect for flow control and circuits or merging streams from different lines.

The valve houses are clamped together with the actuator to ensure fast and easy assembly of the total valve system. The flow direction is bi-directional, meaning that the flow can be both upstream and downstream using the same valve.

The HYDRACT actuator is working with pressurized tapwater or with water / glycol solution. The pressurized fluid is supplied in a 50 bar closed leak free system. The pressure is produced by a decentralized power unit called a Powerpack together with an accumulator (or uninterruptible powersupply) capacity suitable for the number of valves required to go to a safe position in the event of power failure.

The actuator will by default open and close the valve slowly and ramp up to full velocity to reduce the risk of creating pressure transients (water hammers). The speed and seat position is fully programmable and can be specified to order. The actuator can be installed as normally closed, normally open and/or with regulation ability. The double seat actuator can independently control the upper and lower seats (seatlift) in order to keep the valve clean during operation.

The HYDRACT Valve internals do not require pressure balancing as a precaution towards pressure transients due to being hydraulically locked. Furthermore, the lower seat shape ensures optimal flow conditions. During upperand lower seal flush, the upper or lower disc of the Valve internals are independently lifted enabling the seals to be cleaned.

We are committed to providing our customers with outstanding products and services that meet their specific needs. At HYDRACT, our goal is to help our customers achieve their business objectives by providing them with the best process valve on the market. Whether you're looking for a single seat valve, double seat valve or our innovative mixproof control valve, our team of experts is here to help you find the perfect solution for your specific needs.

Take a look through our gallery to see how HYDRACT's hydraculic process valves are changing the game in food and beverage production. If you have any questions about our products or wwould like to discuss how we can help you optimize your food and beverage production process, please do not hesitate to get in touch.