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Welcome to HYDRACT.

Here you can explore our extensive range of hygienic process valves.

Our products include single seat valves, double seat mixproof valves, divert valves, and our patented mixproof regulating valve - all designed to meet the specific needs of the beverage, dairy, and other liquid processing industries.

Our hygienic process valves offer superior energy efficiency, precision, and sustainability.

We are committed to making our customers more profitable and efficient while ensuring the highest levels of quality in their products.Whether you operate in the brewery, soft drink, juice, dairy, or other liquid processing segments, we have the right valve solutions for you.

Our valves are designed to meet the strictest hygiene and safety standards, ensuring that your production processes are reliable and efficient.

The Hydract valve housing is designed in cooporationwith hygienic design specialists to offer a great hygienicand cleanable valve houses for the industry. The design of the valve house creates optimal conditions in terms of cleanability and flow.

It is designed to deliver high performance every time,every day! The Concept is designed to be a modular and versatile setup that can be combined crosswise in size.

The shape of the valve house internal is eliptical, which is the optimal combination of globe and cylindcal shape. The eliptical shape creates higher flow velocity and thereby minimises the areas with low wall shear stress - thus resulting in faster and more optimal cleaning properties, flow proportions, and hygiene.

Browse our catalogue page to find the perfect valve solution for your application.

If you have any questions or require further assistance, our team of experts is always ready to help you.

Contact us today to learn more about our hygienic process valves and how we can help you optimize your production processes.